Monday, September 5, 2011

Dragon Con Carne, Pt. 1

CON 8232

My sister, CYNTHIA, and our friend ARI, flew out from California to Georgia to attend the big DRAGON*CON sci-fi and fantasy convention in Atlanta, held every year over the course of Labor Day weekend. Cynthia and Ari had a hotel room already booked at a Sheraton Hotel in nearby Smyrna (everything in downtown Atlanta was sold out) and since our plumbing was temporarily "out of service" here at the Ranch (see previous two posts), we gladly accepted their offer of hanging out at Dragon*Con and spending the night with them...

CON 8236

CON 8241

CON 8244

CON 8246

The suite was divided into two separate rooms which were near mirror images of each other. Missy and Ari demonstrate how mirrors work:

CON 8250

CON 8247

CON 8254

After getting the hotel situation sorted out, we made the trek into downtown Atlanta. The streets were crowded with people decked out in all sorts of costumes. I got a real kick seeing COOKIE MONSTER walking down the street and then stopping to ask a volunteer for directions:

CON 8266

CON 8267

CON 8268

We ditched the car and joined the hot, sweaty, and nerdy throngs of people walking the streets, moving in and out the various hotels in the area that were co-hosts to the convention...

CON 8273

CON 8274

CON 8275

Not sure who this guy was supposed to be, but he stood outside of the Hyatt playing the SAX SOLO from WHAM's "CARELESS WHISPER" over and over again:

CON 8278

Someone came dressed as WILFRED!

CON 8282

Not sure who these people were, but they were made of candy and cupcakes, so naturally, Missy had to have her picture made with them:

CON 8283

CON 8284

CON 8292

I saw this chuckled to myself, as I couldn't help but think of KEVIN SMITH's movie, "MALLRATS":

CON 8294

CON 8295

CON 8300

CON 8303


CON 8307


CON 8308

After a couple of hours people watching in various hotel lobbies, Missy and I decided to go "legit" and actually register with Dragon*Con, so that we could gain access to the many other official areas and events. Lucky for us, we showed up so late for the game that we didn't have to deal with excruciatingly long lines (or so we thought) and we got our passes in no time flat:

CON 8309

CON 8310

CON 8398

CON 8404

We got all "paparazzi" with LADY GAGA:

CON 8311

We were hyped to see ZAN and JAYNA - the WONDER TWINS - and Missy couldn't help but help them ACTIVATE their WONDER TWIN POWERS. Were they really brother and sister...or lovers? Cynthia thinks she saw them later that night sans costume, holding hands while we waited in line to take the shuttle to the Dragon*Con party at the GEORGIA AQUARIUM...

CON 8312

CON 8314

Missy gets a 1-UP and a MELTED CHOCOLATE COIN from the BROTHERS MARIO:

CON 8315

CON 8319

After waiting in line for over half and hour, we were finally able to get on the bus...we probably could have walked to the Aquarium in half the time it took us to wait for the bus, but for now, we were happy to finally sit and enjoy some ice-cold air conditioning...

CON 8322


Marla said...

Looks to me like the sax dude is SERGIO, which was a Jon Hamm skit on Saturday Night Live. Which is random and obscure but also kind of awesome.


Ah ha...Thanks for the I.D.!

Emelia said...

Pretty funny.