Monday, September 5, 2011

Dragon Con Carne, Pt. 2

CON 8324

So, DRAGON*CON took over the Georgia Aquarium after hours and basically turned it into a NIGHT CLUB of sorts - alt rock and 90's club hits blasted throughout , people lined up for drinks at makeshift bars, and costumed freaks made out in the dark nooks and crannies of the Aquarium. In other words, it was so much better than a regular day at the Georgia Aquarium, which is usually crowded beyond belief with tons of tourists, screaming kids, and a gridlock of strollers. Missy and I had been to the aquarium a good number of times, but were eager to experience it "after dark" with Cynthia and Ari, who had never been...

CON 8326

CON 8327

CON 8328

CON 8331

As always, the GLASS TUNNEL did not disappoint...we hopped on the slow moving conveyer belt and leisurely took in the sights...

CON 8334

CON 8335

CON 8336

CON 8337

CON 8339

CON 8341

CON 8344

CON 8345

CON 8346

CON 8349

CON 8353

CON 8354

DARTH VADER brought baby LUKE to look at the fishes:

CON 8366


CON 8370

The worst thing about visiting the Georgia Aquarium at night is that a good number of other creatures - except for these hyperactive SEA OTTERS who wouldn't stay still for photos - were asleep, and/or those habitats that were naturally illuminated from above by sunlight were totally dark...

CON 8374

CON 8376

CON 8385

CON 8389

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were totally beat and starving. We had PIZZA HUT deliver food to our hotel room (one of the only places that would deliver super late at night), and then ate greasy pizza and fries while watching the special Dragon*Con broadcast on Atlanta's public broadcast channel...

CON 8395

CON 8391

CON 8392

CON 8393

CON 8396

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