Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two Steps Forward, Three Sinks Back

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There's an funny story behind the TWO SINKS that are currently sitting in our front yard...prior to coming down for her birthday this past weekend, Missy's parents had been busy renovating their BASEMENT BATHROOM. They decided to bring down the old (but still fairly newish) sink that they were replacing. The idea was that they would replace the junky, damaged, chipped, ill-fitting sink in our MASTER BATHROOM (the one pictured at the very top of the photo) with their much better old one (the sink below that one), which was clearly in much better shape. Well, after removing our old sink, they discovered, much to their chagrin, that their sink fit even worse on the cabinet than the one that was already on there. Before coming down from Pennsylvania, Missy's parents had her measure the length of the cabinet which was perfectly sized - but they neglected to measure the depth of the cabinet, which was three inches longer than the sink they brought down...DOH! So, Missy and her mother went to HOME DEPOT to buy a THIRD SINK - one that would at the very least fit the cabinet perfectly...

...during the process, they also removed a large square MIRROR which was glued to the wall, covering almost all of it, along with a super 70s-looking LIGHT FIXTURE (alas, I was at work when they started on this, so there aren't any "before" photos). They updated the fixture and spackled, sanded, and painted the wall that was behind the old mirror. The oval mirror shown below is just a temporary fix until we find a nice replacement...a bit more painting needs to be done...

I joked that in the meantime, we should plant flowers in the two sinks sitting in the front yard...instant CURB APPEAL.

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