Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mama Told Me Not To Come

HBD 8581

We went to our friend MARK's surprise BIRTHDAY PARTY last night. His cake had this famous (and edible) NORMAN ROCKWELL image on it (Mark's an artist/painter/illustrator). We heartily consumed the cake hoping to ingest the spirit of Norman Rockwell, like it was some sort of holy Eucarist - only, instead of communion wafers and a goblet of wine there was CAKE and shots of JACK and/or AMARETTO. Norman would've approved, right? We're envious of the wooden ZOMBIE TABLETOP BOWLING SET Mark got...

HBD 8571

HBD 8572

HBD 8573

HBD 8574

HBD 8575

HBD 8577

HBD 8578

Happy Birthday, Mark!

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