Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Loved Letter Lockets

Loved Letter Envelope Locket With Arrow Drawing 5
This week I have been working on some new MINIATURE LOCKETS! These all have miniature original ARTWORK that is hidden inside the brass colored envelope. These drawings are so small! No bigger than a quarter! For this one I drew an arrow.

Loved Letter Envelope Locket With Violet Feather Drawing2
Here is one with a violet feather drawing in the envelope. Since my envelope charms are antique brass, I made my little artwork that style, too - I just dyed the paper with some of my favorite black tea. I let it dry all the way then I drew on the paper.

Loved Letter Envelope Locket With Pink Feather Drawing1
I really like how these charms look. Here is the pink feather drawing, too.

Loved Letter Envelope Locket With Pink Feather Drawing3
And each miniature artwork has a heart drawn on the back side.

Loved Letter Envelope Locket 3
All three of these charms are ready for you in my SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE on ETSY.


Deer Little Fawn said...

These are sweet! It's really refreshing to see a new take on envelope necklaces I love your tiny drawings! :) x

Missy said...

Thank you so much, Beth! :)

ReneeIsaZombie said...

oh my goodness, I must have this. please may i have one!?

Missy said...


I am sold out at the moment, but I hope to get some more made before the holidays!