Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday

I got these embroidery supplies and some old felt.
Yesterday we went round to some yard sales and a rummage sale at a local church. We found some neat stuff, too. I found some craft supplies like felt and embroidery hoops.

This is an old embroidery hoop I got, too. It is all metal and has cork on the inner hoop to hold it tight. I never saw one like this.
This hoop is metal and has cork on the inner hoop so it holds the fabric. I have never seen this type of hoop, or this shape before.

Got some jingle bells, too.
I can always use some jingle bells, so I picked these up.

I found this set if miniature deer, too. The price on the back said 49 cents!
I got this set of miniature deer, too. This was my favorite find of the day! The back of the package says "Made in Hong Kong" and the original price tag reads 49 cents!

These are the ornaments I found at the yard sale. I thought it was a full Nativity until I looked closer.
There were some Christmas miniatures in with the deer, too. We just took what was in the box home. I thought these small ornaments were a full nativity, but it is just a mismatched set. I wonder where everyone else is? Raoul said they fell in the grass.

My deery pillow I got at a yard sale for a quarter!
Last, but not least, I got this lovely handmade deer pillow. This was stuffed in a box with a bunch of forgotten plush (a sad sight, indeed). I was not going to go through the boxes, but I did while Raoul looked at records. I found this pillow and it says "Fauna, Handmade in Brooklyn" on the back. I am certain I saw it online and in magazines. Another yard sale shopper told me she saw those at the NYC Gift Fair and that she thought it was strange to find it in a box of forgotten toys! I got it for a quarter. Score!

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