Saturday, August 13, 2011

God Don't Make No Junk

SALE 7793

Last weekend, we hit up a large YARD SALE hosted by this Baptist church in town...well, a nearby LUTHERAN CHURCH decided to have their own yard sale this weekend. We were out and about running errands this morning and luckily, the church just happened to be on our route. We drawn to this giant HANDMADE INFLATABLE WHALE that was beached in their parking lot...the whale wasn't for sale - it was just there to draw people to the sale. We were told that the whale was made out of PLASTIC TARP, DUCT TAPE, and a standard BOX FAN. The eyes were made out of PAPER PLATES. Imagine our surprise when they told us that you can actually GO INSIDE THE WHALE. Of course, we had to test this out. Things got a little psychedelic in the belly of the whale...

SALE 7794

SALE 7795

SALE 7800

SALE 7796

SALE 7797

SALE 7798

SALE 7799

The whale was pretty much the highlight of the sale...we didn't make out as well as we did last week, and only managed to pick up a few items. Oh well...

SALE 7802

SALE 7805

SALE 7801

SALE 7804

On the way to the post office, we hit up BORDERS and took advantage of their "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" sale...I think the church yard sale left us a little unsatisfied, and so we were determined to find a good deal...

SALE 7806

SALE 7808

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Marla said...

Pictures of purchases! Pictures of purchases!

I went to our local Borders a few days ago - wasn't that impressed but I did get a calendar (50% off) and some bargain books (30% off the already low prices). But if prices drop further, I'll go back I think.