Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trash Or Treasure

YARD 7605

Today we got up early to hit a huge YARD SALE happening at a local Baptist Church. The thing about this church yard sale is that, a lot of houses in the surrounding neighborhood also schedule their own yard sales we basically hopped from one yard sale to the next all morning. But first things first - we had to stop at the ATM to get cash and we needed some HI-NRG music to get us in the mood (and to wake us up)...

YARD 7596

YARD 7593

YARD 7597

YARD 7599

YARD 7598

Whether at a grocery store, a gift shop, a thrift store, or a yard sale, Missy and I can spot something designed by the company we work for from a mile away. In this case, it was a green ceramic TEAPOT...we turned it over to confirm what we already knew:

YARD 7601

YARD 7600

YARD 7602

YARD 7603

YARD 7604

YARD 7606

We finally hit pay dirt - a bunch of CRAFTING SUPPLIES that no one seemed to care about. We ended up getting three bags of POLY-FIL STUFFING, a bunch of EMBROIDERY HOOPS, an embroidery kit, a bunch of felt, and miscellaneous crafty odds and ends...

YARD 7607

YARD 7608

YARD 7609

YARD 7611

YARD 7612

YARD 7613

YARD 7614

YARD 7615

YARD 7616

YARD 7617

I was curious to see what kind of music I could find at a church yard sale. Not surprisingly, there were a good number of AMY GRANT recordings. I found this CASSETTE BOX SET of popular movie and TV show theme songs. THE GODFATHER, KOJAK, and ROCKY were on the cover so naturally, I had to add it to my music collection...

YARD 7618

YARD 7619

YARD 7621

YARD 7622

YARD 7623

At one of the neighborhood yard sales we picked up this sturdy CAMERA TRIPOD for cheap, and even picked up a movie to watch later in the day...

YARD 7624

YARD 7625


Marla said...

I vaguely remember seeing Clockwatchers and liking it - it's got a stellar cast, anyway. I LOVE church sales and this one looks like so much fun. Swoon!


I think we got to the church sale a little late...they started at 7am and there was no way we were gonna be up by then! I know I had seen Clockwatchers before, but couldn't remember it (it's from 1997, I think?). But for a dollar, I couldn't resist. Plus, having been a temp myself I have a certain affinity for that profession as subject matter. Anyhoo, we watched it and it's really low-key...not at all what the cover suggests (which is: "9 to 5, updated for the 90's"). I guess they wanted the movie to match how monotonous being a temp can be, and they succeeded. Pretty good movie, especially for only spending a buck on it.