Monday, June 20, 2011

What's Your Project? Sewing A New Top

My weekend project was something I have had on my to do list for a while. I sewed a new top! My mom is the best seamstress I know. She helped make this top with different fabric last July, so I felt confident to give it a go on my own this past weekend.
TOP 6856
I used THIS BUILT BY WENDY SEWING PATTERN for my top. I also designed the actual fabric and had it printed through SPOONFLOWER.

TOP 6861

TOP 6859
Here is a detail of the fabric. It is teeny tiny macarons I drew and made into a repeat pattern special for my fabric. The fabric is cotton knit, so it is pretty nice. I also love this shape top!

TOP 6836

TOP 6837
I am so proud I finally made a cute shirt! Raoul took these pictures of my process. It was a fairly easy pattern to follow, but since Mom helped me make it before, I just remembered what she did when she made it. The one thing I did differently was sewing the yoke interior by hand. The directions tell you to topstitch on the front yoke and catch the interior (lining) yoke with that. I just simply whip stitched the lining by hand cos I did not think I could top stitch so neatly. I like it better the way I made mine. I also hemmed the bottom and sleeves by hand, too. I am not sure, but my machine might be able to do a hem stitch, but I quite like sewing by hand, so that is what I did.

Macaron fabric of my own design.

My new top made from my macaron Spoonflower fabric!
If you would like to make a top with this fabric, or any other project, you can order my FABRIC DESIGNS via Spoonflower right HERE. Happy sewing!

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