Sunday, June 12, 2011

Indie Craft Experience - Round Two!

ICE 6753

The second day of the huge ICE ATLANTA SUMMER MARKET 2011 starts in a couple of hours...if you missed out on yesterday's fun and shopping, today's your chance!

Yesterday, we had some fun with BECKY and AITOR (SWEETIE PIE PRESS, CITY OF CRAFT, and MISANTHROPE SPECIALTY CO.), our canadian friends who are hopping from craft show to craft show this summer. Missy and I brought these GIANT GOOGLY EYES...

ICE 6754

ICE 6756

ICE 6757

ICE 6758

ICE 6760

ICE 6761

ICE 6768

ICE 6764

ICE 6765

ICE 6766

ICE 6767

ICE 6769

ICE 6770

ICE 6772

ICE 6773

ICE 6774



Emelia said...

Those pictures are hilarious! Everyone should own a pair of giant googly eyes.

Glue and Glitter said...

Hilarious! How did I miss this happening right next to me?


I see you in the background of some of those were busy on the Facebooks! That's how you missed it!


Emilia - you're right! Everyone should have a pair! Those eyes came in handy when there was little lull in the action