Sunday, June 19, 2011

Props To The Pops!


I just wanted to wish MY DAD and my brother-in-law SHAWN a very HAPPY FATHERS DAY! This is my family marching across the tarmac somewhere in the Philippines while on vacation last year - Shawn is all the way to the left, and my Dad is all the way to the right, book-ending everyone in between. I like this photo a lot because this is my family in adventure mode, looking a little tired and worn out, exactly the way I remember most of our family excursions! I have a penchant for photographing and documenting everything - a habit which I inherited from my Dad who always has a camera (or video camera) on hand, just like he does in this photo. Shawn is a wonderful father to my nieces, Julia and Lillian, and my nephew, Evan...and my father is a wonderful grandfather to them (he spoils those kids more than he ever spoiled us! I'm not hatin', just sayin'). I love and miss you guys and I hope you're all having a wonderful time out in sunny Southern California...have some cake for me!

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