Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Icy Hott

ICE b56f

(The awesome MARLA TIARA of MARLATIARA.COM modelling the Missy-designed swag bag!)

ICE 6663

Phew...finally getting around to posting more photos from the ICE ATLANTA SUMMER MARKET, which was held at the AMBIENT + STUDIO in Atlanta this past weekend...we were thrilled to finally see the TOTE BAG that Missy designed for Saturday's swag bag giveaway. Forty minutes before the show opened, there was already a line down the street with eager shoppers waiting to get inside. The first 250 lucky people in line got one of Missy's totes filled with swag and propaganda...they were gone in under 18 minutes flat! It was a trip to see so many people walking around with those bags...

ICE 6681

ICE 6698

ICE 6676

ICE 6674

ICE 6677

ICE 6679

ICE 6682

ICE 6686

ICE 6683

ICE 6687

ICE 6689

ICE 6690

ICE 6691

ICE 6692

ICE 6693

ICE 6694

ICE 6664

ICE 6697

Our new friend Mariko stopped by our booth...she's best friends with our friend Yayoi, our japanese penpal from back in the day who used to make this really cool FANZINE called CATCH THAT BEAT...

ICE 6652

ICE 6654

ICE 6657

ICE 6665

ICE 6658

ICE 6660

ICE 6671

We were fortunate enough to have a table next to our friends from Toronto, BECKY & AITOR, of the SWEETIE PIE PRESS and THE MISANTHROPE SPECIALTY CO., respectively. Every summer they pack up their car and tour through North America, hitting up as many craft shows as they can along the way to help fund their adventures. They shared their stories from the road and regaled us with all the weird things they saw along the way, like this psychedelic HORNY HILLBILLY that they picked up in Kentucky on their way down south...SCARY!

ICE 6662

ICE 6711

ICE 6722

ICE 6724B

We tried to snack healthy to keep our energy up, but at one point, I finally had to run down to the FOOD TRUCKS outside to fetch myself and Missy some lunch. I ended up going to the GOOD FOOD TRUCK and picking up these WAFFLE CONES FILLED WITH THAI FOOD...lemme say that again...WAFFLE CONES FILLED WITH THAI FOOD...we kinda had to eat them quick because there was no way to set them down while helping customers...

ICE 6726

ICE 6700

ICE 6701

ICE 6705

ICE 6707

ICE 6709

The RED BULL GIRLS handed out free RED BULL ENERGY DRINKS from their bottomless backpacks. Missy and I had never tried Red Bull before, but since they were free, I thought I'd give it a go. It failed to "give me wings"...though, I do believe that it "gave me the shits" tasted pretty nasty. I'll stick to caffeine pills, thank you...

ICE 6735

ICE 6736

ICE 6737

ICE 6712

ICE 6713

ICE 6749

During the lulls, we passed pieces of paper between us and Becky and Aitor, each of us taking turns to draw something silly...

ICE 6739

ICE 6741

ICE 6742

ICE 6719

ICE 6714

ICE 6729

ICE 6732

ICE 6738

ICE 6744

Sunday, we returned for the second and final day of ICE Summer Market...the night before, I covered our table with my VINTAGE BED SHEETS, featuring Disney's THE BLACK HOLE and RETURN OF THE JEDI...

ICE 6778

This girl stopped by our booth to buy a replacement for this SNAP POUCH that she had bought off me about three years ago!

ICE 6780

These ladies had a lot of fun at our table playing with Missy's FINGER PUPPETS...

ICE 6781

Sarah, Danny and Jean stopped by to say HI...then they all went down to the food trucks. Missy came back from the Good Food Truck with a couple of HOE CAKES for lunch...

ICE 6782

ICE 6786

ICE 6787

ICE 6790

ICE 6788

Sunday's highlight was Aitor's "UNFLATTERING PORTRAIT" of TOFU BABY! We're so proud to have her as a part of Aitor's ever-growing gallery of portraits...check out the Unflattering Portrait Gallery HERE, and see if you can find the one he did of NILLA a couple of years ago!

ICE 6791

ICE 6792

ICE 6793


Sarah said...

These photos are great and I LMAO at the Tofu Baby with no makeup!!! Ha ha ha we have something in common. :D


Thanks, Sarah! Yeah, our friend Aitor is the master of the unflattering portrait. Poor Tofu Baby!