Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bunny Love

Oreo and Jumbles relaxing by their castle.
Back in April we adopted a new bunny, Jumbles. He is the white puff that resembles a marshmallow in this picture. He is a very sweet bunny, and he is a little shy. He is coming around, though, and shows signs of being happy in our home each day. We recently left Oreo and Jumbles together, so they could become good friends. Before this, their homes were divided.

Oreo and Jumbles 0031

Oreo and Jumbles 0029
At first Oreo and Jumbles were allowed to be together for playtime on our patio. Slowly they got more and more used to one another. Now they have been together for about two weeks! They are very lovey towards one another and sometimes just snuggle or smoosh very close to each other. They share salad and hay, and they also take turns grooming each other.

Oreo and Jumbles 0036
Watching them together is so adorable and it shows that they really do enjoy each other's company. They call that Bunny Love...!

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