Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scenes From The Collection - Hoop Art

HOOPS 6487

We've got a pretty good collection of EMBROIDERY HOOP ART up here at Rancho Cocoa and it's a collection that will more than likely keep the WOOD ROOM (a.k.a. the BUNNY ROOM), we've got a trio of pieces by local artists SARA TRIGUEROS and PRAIRIE DOG INC...

We got the embroidered bunny from Jenny at Prairie Dog Inc long before we adopted our all-white bunny, was a premonition!

HOOPS 6488

The two other pieces in the room are by Sarah Trigueros...we bought the smaller piece off her at a craft sale and the larger piece from an exhibit she had up at THE GRIT. How cool is that bunny with ANTLERS actually coming off the stretched fabric? We think it's pretty dang cool...

HOOPS 6501

HOOPS 6504

Here's a smaller piece embroidered by Jenny at Prairie Dog Inc that's hanging in our master bath...we sometimes call that bathroom the BIRD BATH on account of a good number of bird-themed art and things that are in it..."just put a bird on it!"

HOOPS 6491

Also in the bath are these hoops holding SCRAP FABRIC that Missy had on hand (DECORATING TIP: scrap fabric with cool patterns + embroidery hoops = instant wall art!)...they kinda remind us of BUBBLES...

HOOPS 6493

HOOPS 6494

HOOPS 6508

Lastly, we have this wayward "CAT BANDIT" piece also by Sarah T...we haven't figured out yet exactly where we want to hang it, so for now, it's sitting on the picture rail in our hallway gallery.

HOOPS 6496

HOOPS 6499

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