Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Play With Your Food - Squash

Summer Squash 1

Summer Squash 2
Raoul and I bought some summer squash in order to make lasagna over the weekend. We got to looking at the different shapes that the squash had, much like my cloud drawings. Raoul told me I should draw them, so here they are, my "before and after" presentation. But! Before you scroll down to see my artwork - what do you see in these shapely yellow squash?

Squash that looked like a duck.
This one had a bit of a stem, so this one is of course a duck, or a goose. I can see him waddle down to the pond right now...

Squash that looked like a bob white.
This little one is a bob white quail, one of my favorite birds for sure. They even call out their name when they speak! I love them. This is sort of like Play With Your Food, no?

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