Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nilla Ninety-Six

This week Nilla was bored with her food. I have been giving her Chicken Soup for the Cat-Lover's Soul, as crazy as that sounds. She liked it for a long time and it is way better than her former food that kept making her sick after a "new formula." Now we have mixed her Chicken Soup with a new food and she totally LOVES the new food. She is begging (even more) like a little doggie! Nilla is a gourmet kind of kitty!

Nilla having a bath.




Victoria said...

Eeee! Cutiest pinky ears :) I wish I got to go home to visit my baby-kitty more often!

Missy said...

Thank you, Victoria! Nilla has many nicknames - sometimes I call her Pinky!