Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends

HIGH 3538

Yesterday, Missy and I took off to Atlanta to check out the SALVADOR DALI exhibition at the HIGH MUSEUM OF ART - it was part of Missy's day-long birthday celebration. We're ashamed to say that it was the first time the both of us visited the High since moving to Georgia. But now that we've been, it's guaranteed that we'll be going back again and again. I managed to sneak a few photos while we were in the museum...

HIGH 3535

HIGH 3534

We watched an interesting documentary about Dali while sitting on these LIP-SHAPED SEATS...

HIGH 3523

HIGH 3525

There was also this cool exhibit about FURNITURE DESIGN FROM THE 20TH CENTURY...

HIGH 3528

HIGH 3529

HIGH 3530

They also had an impressive collection of FOLK ART, including many pieces by local Georgia fringe artist REVEREND HOWARD FINSTER...

HIGH 3532

HIGH 3533

After hanging out at The High, we went to the French patisserie, MAISON ROBERT. Missy wanted MACARONS in lieu of birthday cake. Needless to say, the macarons were scrumptious and way more sweet than we could handle...we decided to walk it off while doing some serious b-day shopping...

HIGH 3539

HIGH 3540

For dinner, we hit up one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Atlanta - CAFE SUNFLOWER. We couldn't decide on what to get for appetizers so we went with their fancy take on SPANAKOPITA...and...a plate of their "TOFU NUGGETS", which were morsels of tofu covered in TEMPURA and deep-fried to perfection. YUM:

HIGH 3546

HIGH 3547

We barely had room for the main entree - a MOUNTAIN OF MASHED POTATOES, flanked by a piece of "MEAT LOAF", pieces of ROASTED ASPARAGUS, and...a SPRING ROLL, split into two halves. You wouldn't think that spring rolls would mix well with mashed potatoes, meat loaf, and gravy...but oh somehow works! The last three times we've been Sunflower we've ordered the same meal. We just can't get enough of it...

HIGH 3549

HIGH 3551


Sara T. said...

The High Museum is great! Glad you went! Not sure if you two are Bank of America users, but if you are, The High Museum is on their list of FREE admission museums on a particular weekend of each month. I can't remember exactly, but check it out if you use that bank!

And happy birthday Missy! Looks like it's been a fabulous week-long celebration!

Missy said...

Thanks so much, Sara! Congrats on the new baby that is on its way!