Saturday, September 25, 2010

Operation Cutify - On And On And On

OP CUTE 3322

I'm up early this Saturday afternoon, determined to keep the OPERATION CUTIFY home improvement thingy rolling. We have more guests coming at the end of October and the GUEST BATHROOM (a.k.a. the Hallway Bathroom, a.k.a. MY Bathroom) is still a hot mess. Since I'll be away on business in China for most of next month, it really means that we only have a couple of weeks to get it looking decent, if not perfect.

That being said, we did get some Op Cute projects done a couple of weeks ago while Missy's parents were in town (of course!) They brought Missy this MEDICINE CABINET that they picked up at an IKEA in Pittsburgh. Missy had been wanting this particular medicine cabinet for the MASTER BATHROOM, but every time we've gone to find it at the IKEA in Atlanta, they've been sold out. As an early birthday present, Missy's parents found it at their local big box Swedish furniture emporium and trucked it down here. Nilla supervised while we cobbled the cabinet together and then hung it in the bathroom next to Missy's collection of vintage scarves...

OP CUTE 3334

OP CUTE 3330

OP CUTE 3340

OP CUTE 3443

Meanwhile, in the other bathroom, the removal of drab grey paint from the PINK TILES progressed, slowly but surely...

OP CUTE 3315

OP CUTE 3319

OP CUTE 3320

OP CUTE 3321

OP CUTE 3347

OP CUTE 3345

OP CUTE 3431

In the KITCHEN, we wanted to install a shelf in the empty space above our stove, in order to free up precious counter space. The last time we visited ANTHROPOLOGIE, Missy picked out these cute little SHELF BRACKETS, fully intending to use them somewhere in the kitchen. We got a length of wood cut for us at the local HOME DEPOT, and then Missy and her mom WHITE WASHED it. We couldn't find our level, so Missy downloaded a free BUBBLE LEVEL APP onto her totally worked! As a finishing touch, we attached a row of hooks to the bottom of the shelf to accommodate some of our TEA CUPS...

OP CUTE 3445

OP CUTE 3446

OP CUTE 3448

OP CUTE 3449

OP CUTE 3450

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