Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zhengzhou, China

CHINA 0204

After our little two-and-a-half hour jaunt turned into a five-hour ordeal, we finally arrived at the JAPANESE HOT SPRINGS RESORT in ZHENGZHOU (approximately prounounced "chen-zoh"), thoroughly exhausted. But we had to have dinner with the vendors in one of the hotel restaurants before we could retire up to our dimly lit rooms. The entire hotel is done up in "traditional" Japanese architecture, complete with sliding screen doors and paper-thin walls. They even make you sleep on FUTONS, on the hard wood floors...

CHINA 0205

CHINA 0206

CHINA 0207

CHINA 0208

CHINA 0209

We didn't partake in the hot spring's HOT TUB amenities in the vast grounds behind the hotel, but we did help ourselves to the resort's fine selection of "special pillows", each designed to perform some sort of quackpot health benefit...

CHINA 0245

CHINA 0233

CHINA 0228

CHINA 0225

Every time I stay here I always get a kick out of the EMERGENCY GAS MASKS, which look like something you'd wear in case of GODZILLA ATTACK...also, I like that it makes your head look like a baked potato:

CHINA 0250

The bath is supposed to be a "traditional" Japanese bath as well, complete with a little bench for you to sit on so you can soap and lather those hard to reach places south of your waist line. When you're standing in the shower, the mirror lines up exactly where your crotch is, which is a bit disconcerting...

CHINA 0252

Missy has a discussion with TOFU BABY before demonstrating how the table COLLAPSES into floor, thus creating more floorspace in the cramped hotel room...

CHINA 0255

CHINA 0256

CHINA 0257

CHINA 0258

CHINA 0259

CHINA 0260

CHINA 0261

CHINA 0262

CHINA 0264

We got up early in the morning so that we could explore the grounds a little before heading off to breakfast...we didn't explore the hot springs because you're not allowed in that area unless you are wearing bathing suits and robes. Since we were in a bit of a time crunch, we ended up just exploring the front end of the hotel instead...

CHINA 0266

CHINA 0267

CHINA 0268

CHINA 0272

CHINA 0273

CHINA 0274

CHINA 0276

CHINA 0278

CHINA 0281

CHINA 0286

CHINA 0287

CHINA 0288

CHINA 0289

CHINA 0290

CHINA 0292

Before we knew it, we were in yet another minivan, being chauffeured to our next appointment. We watched the early morning traffic speed by and the shop-lined streets come alive...

CHINA 0293

CHINA 0336

CHINA 0333

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