Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shenzhen, China

CHINA 0126

After our factory visit in Dongguan, the vendor drove us a couple of hours to the FOUR POINTS SHERATON in SHENZHEN. We were there just long enough to check in and put our luggage up in our rooms before heading back down to the lobby to wait for another vendor to pick us up and take us to their factory...luckily, the visit didn't take too long and we found ourselves back at the hotel...

CHINA 0127

We weren't able to take photos while we were working...First of all, we were busy working! Secondly, we were simply not allowed to take photos at the factories and showrooms - the vendors like to protect their intellectual property. Thirdly, it's just not smart business-wise to potentially advertise our work methods, designs, etc. to any competitors who may be lurking about in cyberspace. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is that, from here on out, it's going to seem like all the following "China" posts on the blog are just going to be about the hotel rooms we stayed in and what we ate for breakfast...and I apologize for that. What you won't see (fortunately/unfortunately) are all the long hours of work we put in during the day. When we're not working, we're being shuttled from one factory to the next. Often times, we're so tired, we fall asleep during these van rides. And when we're awake, even if we see interesting things happening beyond our moving car windows, they usually flash before our eyes before we even get a chance to turn our cameras on. Or else any photo we attempt to take turns out blurry. The only free time we get to ourselves is whatever time we have when we're through working for the day. And by that time, you're too tired to leave the hotel room to go exploring, much less the hotel...all that being said, after our first grueling day of work, we were more than happy to return to our SUPER NICE HOTEL ROOM at the Four Points Sheraton...

CHINA 0128

CHINA 0139

CHINA 0140

CHINA 0141

CHINA 0142

CHINA 0148

CHINA 0149

CHINA 0184

CHINA 0135

CHINA 0136

CHINA 0143

Missy changed outfits, thinking that we'd be going down to the hotel restaurant for dinner...but then we started watching this movie starring this crazy ORANGUTAN and we were mesmerized...

CHINA 0150

CHINA 0155

CHINA 0156

CHINA 0157

CHINA 0159

Well, we got a little too comfortable and decided to order ROOM SERVICE instead. Yay! After the server delivered our food, Missy praised the gods for the bounty we were about to receive - a pair of fist-sized veggie burgers, hand-cut fries, and a fancy dessert that came garnished with spoon made out of chocolate...

CHINA 0163

CHINA 0165

CHINA 0168

CHINA 0171

CHINA 0172

CHINA 0175

We ended dinner by toasting to our health with, ahem, bottles of HEALTH brand water, and called it a night...

CHINA 0154

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