Friday, April 23, 2010

We Buy DIY: Chocolate Rain

I was happy to accidentally find the amazingly cute and wonderful shop called Chocolate Rain while in Hong Kong last month! Okay, I will tell you how we happened upon it...

Chocolate Rain's window display.

Chocolate Rain - reminded me of a kokeshi doll.
Imagine, rush hour in the metro of any city, and it is quite busy. People are cramming into the train like too many crayons in a box. Well, I had to use the bathroom - I could not imagine getting on that crowded train, even for a few stops. So, even though we were ready to get on the metro, I made us go back to the street level in search of a bathroom.

Tea cup chairs!
"Find a mall! They will have a bathroom. Anything that says mall," I told Raoul. Finally we walked down to a mall and were greeted by two beautiful and charming dolls! And all over the hallways were tea cup, mushroom, apple, and cake-shaped chairs! Lovely! We took lots of pictures and then found... Chocolate Rain!

Two of these dolls greeted you then you entered the mall.

These amazing chairs and foot stools were all over the mall we happened upon in Hong Kong.

At Chocolate Rain, a DIY boutique.
We went into Chocolate Rain and were blown away by all of the cuteness. I did not expect to find this shop, and I remember reading about it in an older issue of Bust Magazine. I know I copied the article when we visited Hong Kong in April 2008, but we never had time to find the shop.

All the stuff!
I was in awe at Chocolate Rain! For such a small shop they were packed full of sweet handmade goodies that made my heart sing. I loved looking through all the bins of goodies. I looked at all the art on the walls, mushrooms, cake, totes, and dolls - to name a few...!

Inside Chocolate Rain.

Art of Chocolate Rain.

We met Mandy at Chocolate Rain the night we were visiting. She told us there is another location in Central Hong Kong. We were in Central earlier that day, so I am a little sad we missed seeing the other location. Mandy said they have even more goodies there! Next time for sure, we will have to get to both Chocolate Rain shops. I saw flyers for some DIY classes they offer, too.

Cute bags.

Handmade cuteness at Chocolate Rain.

Shopping at Chocolate Rain - I wanted to buy it all!

Doll at Chocolate Rain.
I love the look of all the things from Chocolate Rain. It is a very cute Asian style that I find appealing. I love the simple characters and dolls. They remind me of kokeshi dolls. I also enjoy the air mail theme for hand bags and pouches cos I have always been a good pen pal!

Charm and brooch from Chocolate Rain in Hong Kong.
So what did I pick up at Chocolate Rain? I got a little charm character with a patchwork apple on her head. She is so cute. There is a little pocket on the back so I can draw a tiny picture, add a photo, or put my address. I think this charm will look good on my carry-on luggage for when I travel! Her sleepy look is adorable. I also show an embroidered pin. I love the micro floral on the tea cup and this tea cup reminds me of all the tea cup chairs we saw on our walk through the mall.

Little bag that my charm and pin were placed in after I purchased them!

Little bag that my goodies were in from Chocolate Rain.
Both of these goodies were placed into this draw string pouch with the little tiger characters, after all, we are celebrating the Year of the Tiger!

Little doll making kit by Chocolate Rain.
I also got two doll making kits. Since I loved these girls, I got two so they can be friends together. Bits of fabric, buttons, and trim are all included in order to fashion my very own Chocolate Rain doll! I especially love the gingham print buttons that are in my doll kits!

Year of the Tiger tote by Chocolate Rain.
And all of my purchases were given to me in another tote with tigers. I love the colors on this, and I am a fan of cats! I was very happy to spend some time at Chocolate Rain!

You can visit Chocolate Rain at Shop A, G/F, 67 Peel Street, Soho. Central, Hong Kong


sew sew n sew said...

hi,i love Chocolate Rain too!

Missy said...

It is the best shop. So inspiring to see everything there!