Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Eggplant., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Did you know it is Earth Day today? We here at Rancho Cocoa are celebrating by showing you our plants. We have been planting seeds and getting some new flower beds ready at the Ranch.

Tiny plant.

We also planted some seeds for the WSLA Community Garden. Some of them came along, as you can see. I think they are ready to be planted into the Community Garden soon.

Our back yard this spring.
We have lots of hosta and spider wort growing in the back yard.


My shoes.
Raoul got me a little verbena plant. I think the flowers look like tiny purple fireworks. We are planting all purple in our back yard.

My flowers.

Iris in our yard!

Yellow iris just opened!
The iris in the front yard just opened this week. They are lovely! But some got so heavy from the rain yesterday that they tipped over. Boo hoo.

White tulips with lavendar tips.
I love tulips! These are the ones that are still blooming in our flower bed! I love the creamy white and light lavender tips.

My new flower bed I am making.

Daffodils I planted.

Getting a new garden bed ready in the front yard.
We are making a new flower bed in our front yard, too. We had some leftover fire wood that we did not need, so I thought it would make a nice border for a raised bed! I love how the wood looks like dotted lines around the trees. This is the first stage. Next we will add some soil and raise it up a little. As you can see, I got a little impatient and added some miniature daffodils I bought on sale at Kroger. The two bushes are blueberry bushes. I think I might get a few blueberries this year - maybe enough for a bowl of oatmeal!

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