Friday, April 9, 2010

Hong Kong Loot - Fifi Lapin

So you have read some about our recent trip to Hong Kong and China, right? Well, everyone knows that these places are great for shopping! Here are some pictures I took of my new FIfi Lapin case for Le Sport Sac. The "real" Fifi is on the right, you can see the logo trim. As for the one on the left, it is a total knock off we found at the temple Street night market.

My Fifi Lapin Le Sport Sac case I got in Hong Kong.

Le Sport Sac Fifi Lapin!
As you can see, the little trim has the Le Sport Sac logo. Oh, how I love the little drawings of Fifi and even her kitty friend! I love her cotton candy! I love her dresses! I love the triangle banners! I love the colors! We got this at a mall at a Le Sport Sac shop. It retailed for about $30. It is perfect cos it can fit my iPod, headphones, charger, and extra memory card for my digital camera. The store had this fabric and other Fifi patterns and bags of all shapes and sizes.

Faux Fifi.

Fake Fifi.
And in comes the Imposter Fifi. We know there are lots of "knock off" versions of many items when we go to Asia. Almost all larger cities they ask you "Watch? Bag?" and want to sell you knock off Rolex and Prada. Weird. So we bought some faux Fifi. It is the EXACT same fabric used for the true Le Sport Sac Fifi. As you can see, the only differences is the trim and the zipper. We got the one that is Japanese instead of the real logo (we also saw the popular "Pro Sport" logo design) and this one has the rainbow zipper. This was bought at the night market, so it was I think about $2.

Le Sport Sac knock off we got at the Temple Street Market in Hong Kong.
What to put in the Faux Fifi case? Why, all the interesting teas that it could hold from the hotel rooms we stayed in, of course!

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