Friday, November 27, 2009

Scenes From Black Friday

Missy posing with a giant sub outside of the SUBWAY which was inside of a WALMART:

BLK 7813

Looking for a new CEILING FAN at the HOME DEPOT:

BLK 7814

BLK 7816

Missy reacting to some shocking tabloid news she read while standing at the registers at KROGER:

BLK 7818

BLK 7819

Missy's dad bought some LOTTERY TICKETS at the Kroger and won TEN DOLLARS. He got ten more SCRATCHERS and gave one to each of us...I ended up winning FIVE DOLLARS!

BLK 7820

Missy's dad was really really wanting to DEEP FRY his own FRENCH FRIES, so he bought a deep fryer while we were at WalMart. He filled it with oil, only to find out that the darn thing wouldn't even turn on! They ended up pouring the oil back into the plastic bottles and they did it in the front yard so it wouldn't spill over everything. The neighbors were scratching their heads, wondering what was going on. Missy wondered when the madness was going to end:

BLK 7824

BLK 7831

Missy's dad was hell bent on frying up some we went to TARGET and bought another deep fryer. We placed it in the trunk of my car, to the left of the deep fryer we were taking back to WalMart. This is probably, hopefully, the first and last time TWO deep fryers will ever occupy the trunk space in my car:

BLK 7832

We ended up back at Home Depot to buy an extra shelf to add to the adjustable shelving system in our craft room. Missy posed with this huge SANTA is supposed to look like she is sitting in his lap, asking for a pony:

BLK 7833

We stopped at the PEACHMAC across the street from Home Depot so that Missy could buy a case for her new iPOD TOUCH. The nerds running the shop seemed to be in a good mood:

BLK 7834

We stopped in at BORDERS and I scored this awesome SIMON & GARFUNKEL BOX SET for HALF-OFF...I love BLACK FRIDAY!

BLK 7835

During one of our visits to Home Depot, I treated myself to a brand new SHOWER HEAD. Of course, it was on sale...I'm looking forward to some pulsating water massage action tomorrow morning:

BLK 7840

Missy's dad was finally able to make the scalding hot golden brown fries he had been obsessing over the whole day. And yes, they were delicious:

BLK 7841

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