Sunday, November 1, 2009

Occupational Hazards 4

Garden Gnomes
(Missy and I kickin' it gnome-style in one of our conference rooms at work)

Friday was not one of your typical "casual fridays" at work...a few brave souls showed up to work wearing HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, many with the hopes of winning this costume contest that was being sponsored by one of the balloon companies that we sell and distribute. They were giving away TARGET GIFT CARDS for winning entries and Missy and I were hoping to win in the "best group" category. We rolled up in our GARDEN GNOME COSTUMES hoping for the best. Our friend and co-worker BEKY (who runs the neat-o PICKY PICKY SHOP on ETSY) was on her way to work when she spotted these very woodland-looking MUSHROOMS on the side of the road. She pulled over and plucked one, thinking that it might be a great gnome-style prop. The mushroom was amazing, and it looked like something out of a fairy tale book...

WORK 7269

WORK 7270

WORK 7274

LIBBY showed up wearing a GIANT BANANA costume and she clutched two maracas...she was dressed up as "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME" (if you click on and watch this VIDEO LINK, it'll make more sense). KARLA came dressed as a FLAMINGO, wearing all pink and sporting a beak that she made herself, and BEKY showed up to work dressed as a COWGIRL...Graphics and Art Departments representin'...

WORK 7277

WORK 7278

They called all the costumed employees down into the lunch room...we were stoked to see our friend, co-worker, and ex-roommate, MATTHEW (who used to run the awesome D.I.Y. record label, ASAURUS RECORDS), dressed up as a PANDA...and then we were totally floored (at least Missy and I were) to see FRANK dressed up as the SWEDISH CHEF from the MUPPETS SHOW...he had took some sort of fur boa and glued it to his face to make ultra-bushy eyebrows and a mustache.

WORK 7285

WORK 7289

Inexplicably, they made us all line up and parade around the room. Kinda weird because there wasn't really anyone there to watch us, that wasn't wearing a costume. We all took turns posing by the refrigerators, while our photos were taken for posterity. The funniest was Matthew, who just sat on the floor looking a bit glum, just like a real panda. Needless to say, it was an awesome start to the Halloween weekend...

WORK 7297

WORK 7300

WORK 7302

BTW, Missy and I didn't win for "best group costume"...we blame it on "balloon politics", since the winning group utilized balloons in their costume. The one other person who used balloons in their costume ended up winning. in a different category. We're not bitter! Just note - if you wanna win a costume contest sponsored by a balloon manufacturer, then you better use balloons in your outfit!

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etc @ said...

So awesome, but it makes me sad that you were the victims of ballon prejudice. Next year grapes?