Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nilla Seventy-Five

Nilla and her handmade toy mice.

Hi, mice, I am Nilly!
I thought I would post today's Nilla photos early so I can catch Project Runway later on! Here is our puff, Nilla. She has two toy mice I made for her. She loves (and I mean LOVES) these little mice I made for her. I made them from felt and they have a little jingle bell inside and some catnip. The grey one is one I made for her when I brought her home from the humane society, so it is looking a little - pardon the pun - ratty. The green one is a present to Nilla on her adoption day a few years ago. She since has received a few pink mice, too. We find these all over the house. She carries them around as if they were her baby - we never see her do this, so it leads me to believe that she does this all in secret. Oh, Nilla, you are so clever!

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