Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

HAM 7636

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americanos! Hope everyone is having a nice time...if you're lucky, you're enjoying a 4-day weekend off work...I know we are!

Last week, work gave everyone in the company a FREE HAM for Thanksgiving...that's close to 300 hams that they handed out! Naturally, both Missy and I were given hams...which meant that our house ended up with two of them...and we're totally VEGETARIAN! Luckily, Missy's parents weren't, so they instantly became the recipient of one of our superfluous hocks of meat. We ended up giving our other ham to BEN & MICHELLE who live next door to us...Ben works at the MAYFIELD DAIRY and he routinely hooks us up with free milk and juice. The other night, Michelle knocked on our door and brought over a buncha bottles of EGG NOG (the non-alcoholic variety) and we in turn gave them our other ham. We love our neighbors! The egg nog went pretty quickly. Mmmmmmmmm...

THNX 7744

Missy's parents drove down from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and arrived in town yesterday while we were at work. Today, we basically cooked and ate all day while parades and football games played out on the television screen in the background. We basically did what everyone else was doing today. Missy keeps saying she wants to get up early to take advantage of some "doorbuster" deals on BLACK FRIDAY, but I don't know yet...there was some talk about getting a brand new BIG SCREEN TV, but I highly doubt it since Missy treated herself to a small screen iPod Touch yesterday!

THNX 7808

THNX 7809

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