Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rancho Cocoa Gardens

Pink lily., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Hello, and welcome to Rancho Cocoa Gardens! We have been doing lots of planting here lately, so please feel free to have a good look around. As you can see, the lilies in our flowerbed have bloomed beautifully and are a wonderful shade of pink. That is a favorite color here at the Ranch!

Pumpkin flower.
We also are trying a few veggies. If you look to the left in the backyard, you will see these pumpkin plants that were started from mere seeds! Each one is growing a little yellow blossom that hopefully will turn into the Great Pumpkin!

Also growing in the veggie patch are cantaloupe, tomatoes, and peppers. We hope to add squash, lettuce, and broccoli very soon, though. You will have to come again to Rancho Cocoa Gardens to see that, though!

Jasmine climbing up the bamboo stake.
In the front yard is a nice arbor! Climbing up the bamboo stake is a pink jasmine plant that is a new addition to the Gardens. Look at it grow right up the pole like a candy cane! Amazing! And to think that it has only been here since April! This smells so pretty when it is in bloom, too.

This concludes our visit to the Rancho Cocoa Gardens! Please come again anytime, and maybe next time we will have some veggies to show. Have a nice day!

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