Thursday, June 11, 2009


Beararium., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Here is my Beararium. It is a terrarium I made from a honey bear! We seem to have alot of honey bears at our house, so I was trying to think of new ways to use these very cute containers. You can make one, too. Here is how.

What you will need:

• one clean, dry, honey bear

• pebbles

• potting soil

• seeds (I used wheat grass)

What to do:
First, put some pebbles in the bottom of your honey bear. Make sure the layer is about a half inch thick. This will help with draining when you water your bear. Next add some soil. I filled my bear almost to the top. Make sure to leave room to add some seeds! Next add some seeds. You don't need many of them, maybe about a half of a teaspoon. Add a little more soil on top to cover the seeds. Water your seeds and place your Beararium in a sunny spot. Water it regularly and watch it grow!

I planted mine last Saturday and look how fast it has grown! I planted wheat grass because it is easy to grow and it grows quickly! Plus, it is a good treat for Nilla and Oreo!

The Beararium has been growing for a few days, and if you look very close, you can see the roots reaching all the way through the honey bear, and notice how the stalks of grass are growing and wiggling in the honey bear's nose!


puggerhugger said...

linking to blog! Great idea!


Thanks, Puggerhugger! We recently gave the beararium a neat little trim, after we let our cat gnaw on it for a bit...more bears to come!

The Fern and Mossery said...

This is a really cute idea!

Church of Craft Athens said...

Thank you so much!They are fun to make.

Carol said...

Thank for share this sweet piece ..... so lovely

Missy said...

Thanks, Carol!

Cindy at Upcycled Design Lab said...

Very cute idea!