Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nilla Fifty-Eight

NILLA 4600

This evening we used NILLA to test out the metal PET ENCLOSURE that we won in a raffle at the BUNNY FEST this past weekend. Eventually, we'll use it to corral OREO when she moves into our craft room for the summer...but in the meantime, it might make a good place for Nilla to have a "TIME OUT" whenever she behaves badly!

NILLA 4592

Nilla was actually purrrring as she laid in the pen...weird! I think she thought we were playing or something...

NILLA 4590

The cool thing about the enclosure is that there is a handy GATE for easy access...Missy got in the pen with Nilla to demonstrate how big it is...more than enough room for little Oreo to frolic around...

NILLA 4595

NILLA 4598

NILLA 4599

NILLA 4604

NILLA 4606

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