Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hello everyone! Here are some of my newest goodies I added to SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE. I made a bunch of cute hairpins! Maybe some of you have seen these at our tables at the craft sales, too. I love making these cos they are so cute and miniature. And they look very nice in my hair! Above is a little cookie that is made from thick wool felt. As you can see, the details from my drawing are etched into the felt.

Me wearing my felt ruby hairpins!
Red rubies are every gal's dream, right? But who can tell that these are not the real deal, but in fact are made from red wool felt?

Bunny Hairpins.
These little hairpins remind me of our beloved Oreo! This is what she looks like when she is sleeping! Shh! Please do not wake her. She needs some rest... These little buns are made from my original drawing from beautiful bamboo. I love the way these look, and I think you might, too.

Diamond bamboo hairpins.
Rubies, diamonds! Once again, you can't tell that this is not the real thing! Amaze your friends! I know I do when I wear these hairpins. It is really made from lovely bamboo. Fabulous!

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They're lovely!