Saturday, June 6, 2009

Everything Is Illuminated...And Delicious

DELI 4468

Today, Missy and I went to go check out this new place in town called EUROPEAN's a little tiny deli-slash-grocery specializing in RUSSIAN AND EASTERN EUROPEAN foodstuffs. They had an amazing selection of chocolates and sweets with exceptional these VIOLIN-SHAPED candy boxes:

DELI 4456

Missy was excited about the SQUIRREL on this box of chocolates:

DELI 4458

I thought the illustration on this bar of chocolate was pretty, I'm just a sucker for the CYRILLIC ALPHABET:

DELI 4460

We also loved the portraits of RUSSIAN ROYALTY on these boxes of TEA...Russian "Royal Tea", geddit?

DELI 4464

We also loved the more WEIRD packaging that we saw...for example, the label on this HORSERADISH MAYONNAISE...WTF???

DELI 4459

Inexplicably, some of the packages of SAUSAGES in the freezer featured a photo of a little Russian boy on it...are these sausages made with baby meat?

DELI 4461

DELI 4466

DELI 4462

We ended up buying a bunch of Russian sweets and a pack of traditional GERMAN EGG NOODLES, like the kind you see in chicken soup...we'll definitely be back next week to stock up on more goodies...

DELI 4463

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Character Zoo said...

Hello gang! I can't believe it has taken me this long to find and read through your blog but I love it! I like your weekly interviews and reports on all things Missy and Raoul. Thanks for the shoutout and link last time :D