Sunday, July 6, 2008

Objective: Dining Room

OP CUTE 8711

Missy's parents are in town, so we've been mad busy putting OPERATION CUTIFY into full effect. We tackled the ugly dark green trim, covering it with primer, while Missy's parents, JOHN and RITA, hung a new door for the master bedroom, replacing the ugly slab that used to be there:

OP CUTE 8713

OP CUTE 8718

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OP CUTE 8720

Missy and her dad sourced the new door from SOUTHERN SURPLUS...they cut a used door to size and hung it on a frame for them, all for only $45! Missy's dad expertly hung the new door using shims, and then covered the area around the door with new trim

OP CUTE 8722

OP CUTE 8743

We covered the dining room floor so that we could begin painting the ceiling with a fresh coat of egg shell-colored paint:

OP CUTE 8725

OP CUTE 8729

OP CUTE 8730

OP CUTE 8731

Missy demonstrates the finger painting method she used to cover the trim in primer:

OP CUTE 8737

OP CUTE 8738

It was a year ago today since we last painted a room in the house - the mud room. So, this major painting project was long overdue. It certainly helps when you've got four people pitching in to get things done in record time! Next step is to paint the trim a cream color and the wall a bright pistachio green. It's going to be majorly weird to see the repainted dining room:

OP CUTE 8740

OP CUTE 8742

Today, while we put on the first coat of paint in the dining area, Missy's dad is going to replace the ugly box lighting in our kitchen with a more streamlined and modern fixture that Missy bought from Lowe''s called a "Light Puff":

OP CUTE 8750

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