Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hey Y'all!

Missy and I are in Atlanta right now for work this weekend...I'm typing this quick message from one of the courtesy computers at AMERICA'S MART, in the heart of downtown Atlanta. We're taking a break from walking around and looking at various showrooms at the moment. We're in the midst of doing "research" - checking out what's new and exciting in the world of gifts. So far, the most exciting thing we've seen is a traditional Indian wedding celebration outside of one of the fancy hotels down here. People were literally dancing in the street, forcing cars to veer around them. Crazy...anyways, we've been so busy lately the past week-and-a-half with Missy's parents, Operation Cutify, and now this business trip...we didn't even get to answer last week's Weekend Wind-Down! I think I'll take our friend Jeff's advice, and leave the answers blank, as a testament to the busy couple of weeks we've had. Hopefully, we'll finally be able to get back on track on Tuesday or Wednesday...


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