Saturday, July 19, 2008

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Last week we finally finished painting our dining area and most of the kitchen. We also put in a new door and doorway leading to the main bedroom, which connects with the dining room, and we put in a cute new light fixture in the kitchen, replacing the old, boxy, metal shop-style fluorescent light. In total, it probably took us a good five days to complete:

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We didn't get too much time to enjoy our new dining room, though. Just as soon as Missy's parents left and we finally put all the furniture back, we had to leave for Atlanta for work. Twice a year we attend the ATLANTA GIFT MART, which is a week-long convention for the gift trade. Our work has a showroom there and florists, gift shop owners, and the like come from all over to buy "balloons and co-ordinating gift items" from us. Yes, it's exactly as exciting as it sounds. So exciting in fact, that the most exciting thing that happened while we were there was this traditional Indian wedding reception that we stumbled upon on our way from our hotel to the mart:

MART 8864

There was a horse and carriage for the bride and groom, and the wedding party, all decked out in colorful robes and saris, danced in the street while a mini van blasted music out the back of it's hatch:

MART 8867

MART 8882

I didn't know that the Running Man, the Cabbage Patch, and the Roger Rabbit were traditional Indian dances...who knew?

MART 8884

We saw these two girls dressed up like bumble bees and assumed that they were headed for the wedding reception:

MART 8908

Soon we were upon the Mart and the familiar sight of the three humongous buildings which are connected together by giant HABITRAILS at various levels:

MART 8912

MART 8923

MART 8922

We stopped by our showroom to see how it looks. Every season our visual team re-decorates it. In summer, most of the showrooms at the Mart push autumn and Christmas items. Our co-worker/friend, Russ, made the giant gingerbread house out of foamcore and spackle:

MART 8914

We saw these toy boxes that Missy had designed and were surprised. We didn't think that they were going to carry them in our collection:

MART 8916

MART 8917

Other showrooms tried to push interesting product, like items made out of elephant poo:

MART 8955

MART 8953

MART 8952

MART 8954

"Building Three" - the "apparel mart" - is tall and cavernous. The cool thing about Building Three is that several of the floors are cash and carry, and you can find some really good deals there, even if some, if not most, of the fashions there are questionable:

MART 8957

MART 8958

MART 8959

MART 8962

We stayed at the Hilton, several blocks away from the Mart. Luckily, the view was much better than the view I had last time I stayed in Atlanta for work. Even luckier, there was a Habitrail in the parking garage across the street from the hotel that connected to a shopping mall that had a Habitrail that led to the Mart. This became especially handy because it rained during most of the Mart, and the covered bridges kept us relatively dry for most of pedestrian commutes:

MART 8929

MART 8935

MART 8963

MART 8964


Glue&Glitter said...

Ohman, is that the pool at the Hilton?? My mom is staying there when she visits. I am totally spending at least one afternoon looks awesome!


Yup, that's the pool. We had a bit of trouble checking in and the desk staff were kinda assholes...but other than that, it's a pretty good hotel. Their breakfast buffet is excellent, btw. They have waffle making stations!

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janice said...

eee!!! i love the missy boxes! :)


Yay! Yeah, the company were on the fence about wether or not we would actually try to sell them. When we were in the show room, we pretended to be customers taking pictures of the product and our enthusiasm persuaded a couple of actual customers to add the toy boxes to their order, haha!