Sunday, June 22, 2008

That's All Folks!

40 WATT 8207

Here are some images from FOLKLORE's farewell show at the 40 WATT last wednesday, June 18th, 2008...

When Missy dropped me off back at the 40 Watt, KING OF PRUSSIA were pretty much finishing up their set:

40 WATT 8184

Up next was PAPER TANKS and their brand of junk yard psychedelica:

40 WATT 8189

40 WATT 8191

40 WATT 8192

Some members of Paper Tanks stayed on to help back up THE SUMMER HYMNS...they sounded like the reverb-drenched and wine-soaked drunk cousins of the band Luna...hazy, boozy, and languid:

40 WATT 8193

I left half-way through the Hymns' set to hang with the band backstage for one last time...the curtain behind Jon and Jimmy covers up a hole in the wall where there was once some graffiti written by Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Some over-zealous fan cut that portion out from the wall and took it with them...

40 WATT 8198

40 WATT 8199

40 WATT 8204

Our final set list:

40 WATT 8202

Jimmy gave me his old air organ, and as the rest of the band set up their equipment, I dashed out to my car with the organ and put it in the trunk of LORD FOCUS, my trusty silver Ford Focus...I took a photo of the crowd outside the club:

40 WATT 8206

40 WATT 8208

Then, Folklore hit the 40 Watt stage for one last time:

40 WATT 8209

40 WATT 8210

40 WATT 8213

40 WATT 8215

40 WATT 8216

40 WATT 8217

40 WATT 8219

40 WATT 8220

40 WATT 8221

40 WATT 8222

DEXTER ROMWEBER, of the FLAT DUO JETS played an extended set, well past closing time. Dexter was on a roll. He was in town for a special screening of the documentary ATHENS, GA INSIDE/OUT, which played CINE as part of the ATHFEST festival...he had played a full set at a different club in somewhere in Athens before coming to the 40 Watt and playing a solo set full of rockabilly scorchers, down-home blues numbers, and golden oldies ballads...supposedly, this night was also his birthday:

40 WATT 8228

40 WATT 8230

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