Saturday, June 28, 2008

Operation Cutify

(it's not LEATHERFACE - it's just Missy and her trusty hand sander)

So, last weekend, OPERATION CUTIFY, a.k.a. OP CUTE, started in earnest. Despite already doing a million things at once, we decided that it was high time that we did some home improvement. Not that some things haven't been's just that A LOT MORE could be done, in order to make our home even cuter and more deserving of a name like RANCHO COCOA. Last weekend, we began with pulling out nails, spackling holes, and sanding...our first order of business is to get rid of the ugly forest green trim around the dining area. Our hopes are for the walls to be painted a nice, pale minty green (not chartreuse!), and for the trim to match the cream colored trim in the master bath and in our pink mudroom:


a "before" picture of the green trim around the passway into our "Knotty Pine Woodland Room" can see our living room to the left; the hallway leads down to our craft/instrument room on the left, and the "Toot Suite" (my room) to the right. You pass a little closet and a bathroom on the right side of the hallway, on your way to the craft room and Toot Suite, and there's another closet at the very end of the hallway. Our "Supply Closet" is to the right of the hallway:




Another "before" shot...hopefully in a couple of months we'll be able to show you an "after" shot that we can be proud of:


Today, we went to LOWES to buy some plants for the front and back yards...Op Cute is a two-pronged, indoor/outdoor attack! We wheeled our new plant buddies around in the cart, stopped to get some more cream-colored paint mixed, and then chose a possible color for the living room - a very light taupe that matches a color on one of our throw pillows. Martha would be proud:

OP CUTE 8569

OP CUTE 8574

OP CUTE 8579

OP CUTE 8580

OP CUTE 8581

OP CUTE 8582

On the way home, we stopped at KROGER for some groceries...we spotted this birthday balloon that Missy designed. There were other balloons there that Missy designed (as well as other designs by our co-workers), but she's especially proud of these cupcakes she painted, as opposed to the more graphic and flat designs that she's used to pumping out:

WORK 8584

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Church of Craft Athens said...

wow that room looks extra pink in your photos!

look how thrilled i am to be in "tool world".