Thursday, June 5, 2008


Folklore / Dreadful Yawns

Tomorrow night is the second-to-last (or third-to-last?) show for FOLKLORE possibly, ever...our head-honcho, JIMMY HUGHES, is moving to Philadelphia in a couple of months and there's no telling if he's ever coming back to Athens or not. This also means that he'll be relinquishing his position as backing guitarist/keyboardist for the band ELF POWER. A sad sad day indeed is on the come see this incarnation of Folklore while you can! We'll be playing tomorrow night at the GO BAR (next to THE GRIT, on Prince Ave. here in downtown Athens) with Cleveland, Ohio band, THE DREADFUL YAWNS. Doors open at 10PM, and there's sure to be dancing immediately afterwards. Come bid us a fond farewell and buy Jimmy a drink, dammit!


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