Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All In The Family



For those of you who didn't quite get their fill of bands at Athfest this past weekend, here's your chance to see even MORE of 'em! It's gonna be us, THE FRENCH TOASTS, kickin' toy piano pop tunes up against your eardrums; our buddies, GEMINI CRICKET, doing doodlee-bop tap dances on yer heart; and all the way out from the LBC - from Long Beach, California - is your new favorite band, FAMILY TREE, thrilling you with heartfelt, K-style, lo-fi spasms of love, longing, and loss...the show is going to be great! So, come downtown to the FLICKER THEATER & BAR around 8:30-9pm, have a few beers, see a couple of local bands do what we do like we do here in Athens, and come support a visiting band that's working hard to entertain a handful of folks in every city they visit between these golden west and east coasts.

Let's all celebrate Hump Day together, shall we?

8:30-9pm at FLICKER THEATER & BAR, in downtown Athens, Georgia - THE FRENCH TOASTS, GEMINI CRICKET, and FAMILY TREE...ya heard!

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