Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nilla Twelve

NILLA 8123

We got this new desk yesterday from an antique store in town called NEEDFUL THINGS. We've been looking for a desk for Missy for quite some time now and we were starting to get discouraged after looking in all the obvious places - IKEA, CB2, Crate And Barrel, DWR, etc...we either couldn't find anything we liked, or else we could hardly afford the desks that we found appealing. On a whim, we decided to try our luck at the antique store, which is close to where we work. And wouldn't you know it? We got lucky and found the perfect desk! The desk, which is vintage 1950's, is in great condition, and the blonde wood goes great with the rest of our furniture. The best part is, it only cost us $115! And of course, it didn't take long for Nilla to flop on it and claim it as yet another place to take a nap...

DESK 8089

NILLA 8117

NILLA 8124

NILLA 8125

NILLA 8115

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