Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday - First Aid Kit Concert

My First Aid Kit Illustration
A few weeks ago I got Raoul and I tickets to go see First Aid Kit in concert. I have to say, I was sad they were not playing again here in Athens, so we made the trek to Atlanta and were prepared to be exhausted the next day. We made our way into the theatre and heard First Aid Kit sound checking, waited more, then finally went inside after waiting in the lobby at the Buckhead Theatre. As soon as we were let in, we hurried to the front, as I am short and wanted a good view! I have to say, we had so much fun at this show, First Aid Kit are a real treat live. They are SO GOOD! SOOOOO GOOD. I have seen many bands over the years, but they were really one of my favorites for putting on a truly rockin', fun, and lovely set. Did I mention they are SOOO GOOD? They have such great voices, it is truly amazing to hear in person. Also, it was fun because the crowd were really excited to see them, and everyone in the room was kind and paid attention, and even sung along for Ghost Town and Emmylou. This show was so good, I can't wait to see First Aid Kit again!

First Aid Kit - Wolf
Here are my First Aid Kit drawings, inspired by their song Wolf! I really think that is a good video. I love the images and that is one of my favorite songs from their new record.

First Aid Kit 0246
Here are some of my photographs from the show. This one is from Klara singing with the opener band.

First Aid Kit 0376

First Aid Kit 0381

First Aid Kit 0258

First Aid Kit 0325

First Aid Kit 0317

First Aid Kit 0295

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