Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday - Fierce and Nerdy

Working on my comic for
Each month I draw a new comic called Dork Lifestyle for my friend Ernessa T. Cater's awesome and funny website, Fierce and Nerdy. This month I drew my Dork Lifestyle about some hot peppers. First I started with a pencil sketch that out lined what I wanted to draw and write in my panels to the cartoon.

In progress.
Next I ink in my pencil drawings. Usually I draw in all the characters and then add the details with pens that are all different thicknesses. Sometimes I draw something to the side that I swap later - in this drawing it is the knife. I drew a new one on the side to replace in the final comic.

Writing and drawing.

Progress report.

Coloring my comic in.
Then I scan in my inked artwork. I clean it up using Photoshop. I scan it in as a color image, then make it to grayscale to make sure my inked line work is crisp. I color it in and convert to RGB at this point. I keep a color palette saved that includes my favorite colors for my hair and skin tones for my comics, so they are always consistent.

Working on my comic.
I love naming my layers! Oh my, I am really a nerd. This is really important to me. You can search your files and find them by layers! I love this.

Making my comic.
This is my almost completed Dork Lifestyle comic! You can see the final version right here!

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