Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Thyme After Thyme

THYME 7335

After 25 years in business, our most favorite garden center and one of our most favorite places in all of Clarke County closed it's gates forever this past weekend. Since buying our house back in 2007, we've gone back to THYME AFTER THYME year after year in order to stock garden with locally-grown native plants and flowers. Though they discouraged people taking photos at Thyme After Thyme, we always did whenever we could because...how could we not? The place is beautiful and abound with great gardening scenes and ideas. We went back to Thyme After Thyme for one last time this weekend to take photos and to buy autumnal plants and flowers for our garden. We went on their very last day and stayed until the last hour. Needless to say, we're so very sad to see them go...

THYME 7337

THYME 7336

THYME 7334

THYME 7333

THYME 7339

THYME 7340

THYME 7341

THYME 7342

THYME 7344

THYME 7345

THYME 7346

THYME 7347

THYME 7348

THYME 7349

THYME 7350

THYME 7351

THYME 7353

THYME 7355

THYME 7360

THYME 7359

OP CUTE 7224

We also paid a visit to Thyme After Thyme a couple of weeks ago when Missy's parents were in town, and they got a chance to see it one last time as well...

OP CUTE 7231

OP CUTE 7220

OP CUTE 7227

OP CUTE 7221

OP CUTE 7222

OP CUTE 7226

OP CUTE 7223

OP CUTE 7228

OP CUTE 7229

OP CUTE 7230

OP CUTE 7232

OP CUTE 7234

OP CUTE 7235

OP CUTE 7237

OP CUTE 7238

OP CUTE 7239

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