Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday: Beirut in Concert

Beirut Drawing
I have been a fan of this band since Raoul gave me their album "The Flying Club Cup" for Christmas a few years ago. Back in December Raoul and I went to see them at the newly renovated Georgia Theatre. Not only is the new Georgia Theatre really nice, but Beirut were one of the best musical acts I have seen in my life. They opened with "Scenic World" and did many of my favorites from all of their albums. I only regret not hearing "Forks and Knives," as that is my favorite song of theirs. We also really liked hearing and seeing the song "The Shrew," and I think that is Raoul's favorite cos of the trumpets. Raoul is a great trumpet player, so he knows more about this than I do.

Beirut 0677

Beirut 0643
This band did not disappoint - I mean, how could they? They have an accordion player, trumpets, trombone, and tuba! A tuba!

Beirut 0682

Beirut 0671

Beirut 0687

Beirut 0657
I think my favorite song they did that night was "Vagabond" from the new album. Everything just sounded perfect with the horn section and Zach's voice. If I could see Beirut every night, I would. They are that good!

Beirut 1174

Beirut 0646

Beirut 0649
Do you want to see this band, but missed the concert? You can watch a movie of their show in Brussels. I know cos I watched it, too. Before I saw them live.

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