Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hidden Pittsburgh

XMAS 9947

Missy and I were in PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, the week between Christmas and New Year's...we were there visiting her family for the holidays. One day, Missy's younger brother JOE told us about this artist that he helped out now and then, and that he would take us to the ABANDONED FACTORY where he worked on these large STEEL SCULPTURES. He drove us out to this nondescript industrial area somewhere outside the city. It was all fenced-in with all these "NO TRESPASSING" signs posted everywhere . He drove us through several heavily-locked gates (which he had keys to), past several deteriorating buildings and post apocalyptic landscapes before arriving at the abandoned factory, which seemed like miles from anywhere...

XMAS 9949

The entire building felt like a mile long inside, extending far into pitch blackness. Fortunately for us, the work area was right at the entrance of the building. Above us, sun shone through holes in the rust-eaten roof. Joe said that on stormy days, the rain would just come right through the roof as they worked. Around us were all these GIANT FIGURES made out of STEEL GIRDERS...

XMAS 9964

XMAS 9951

XMAS 9957

XMAS 9959

From what I understand, several artists were squatting/using the factory. In one part of the building, someone had stashed all these large BUSINESS SIGNS...

XMAS 9963

XMAS 9962

A giant DRY ERASE BOARD spelled out the different tasks that needed to be completed for each sculpture:

XMAS 9965

XMAS 9970

XMAS 9971

XMAS 9977

XMAS 9974

XMAS 9968

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