Monday, January 30, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Napping bunny.
Here is Jumbles. Jumbles loves to sleep on the blankets that I give to them. Sometimes he likes to move them around and dig in them, too. He is sleepy in this photo, and when he gets sleepy, his ears start to droop and he sort of tips over to one side!

Jumbles taking a nap.
Oreo is getting a sip of water right behind Jumbles. She makes a slurpy sound when she drinks.

Jumbles is falling asleep in his home.
They are really excited cos I am putting up some new artwork in their room! I will have to post some more pictures later because this is when the room is in progress. I sure love how it is looking lately!

Bunny friends.
And I think the bunnies will enjoy it, too.


Emelia said...

The best part about Mondays. I just adore that they have their own room haha. So cute!

Missy said...

Thanks, Emelia! I know I don't think I posted a Snuggle Bunny Monday in a while. The bunnies are situated perfectly, so I can see them from the living room and kitchen. They are so happy.