Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feelin' Groovy

XMAS 9937

While we were up in Pittsburgh last month, Missy's brother Joe took us out to GROOVY, the self-proclaimed "POP CULTURE EMPORIUM". I'm happy to say that they truly lived up to their reputation...

XMAS 9925

The store was filled from floor to ceiling with mostly VINTAGE GAMES AND was like unearthing a giant TIME CAPSULE. Everywhere we looked we were blown away...where else can you find BEETLEJUICE, ED GRIMLEY, ERKEL, and PEE WEE HERMAN co-existing in perfect harmony?

XMAS 9939

XMAS 9936

XMAS 9930

In the back of the store they had plastic KIDDIE POOLS filed with BEANIE BABIES...are they still worth anything anymore?

XMAS 9928

SHOGUN WARRIORS! I used to have the red one when I was a kid. I sold it when I needed extra cash to move from California to Georgia back in 2005:

XMAS 2040842829

XMAS 9931

XMAS 9932

They even had a throwback MS. PAC-MAN arcade console for sale:

XMAS 9929

XMAS 9933

Believe it or not, I'm old enough to remember GABE KAPLAN and the TV show "WELCOME BACK, KOTTER"...

XMAS 9940

...and I used to have this MORK doll!

XMAS 9941

XMAS 9942

XMAS 9943

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