Saturday, May 4, 2013

EYE-C: Tanglewood Farm, Pt.1

FARM 0259

Missy's parents came down for Easter weekend last month and we decided to take the EXPLORE YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLUB out to Canton, Georgia, to check out TANGLEWOOD FARM - the self-proclaimed "TOWN OF MINIATURE FARM ANIMALS". It's basically a large PETTING ZOO...with MINIATURE ANIMALS...A.K.A. "a dream come true" as far as Missy was concerned. Tanglewood was only an hour-and-a-half drive from Athens. The weather was as perfect as it could get, and we ended up having a wonderful time exploring...needless to say, we took A LOT of many that this post will have to be broken up into several parts...

FARM 0399

After purchasing tickets, we had to sign hold-harmless forms, releasing Tanglewood from any liability should any of our personal property get lost, stolen, damaged...or eaten. It also released Tanglewood from any liability should we get bitten, trampled, or killed by any of their miniature animals...Once we were signed in, we were free to roam from pen to pen to visit the lil' critters...

FARM 0258

FARM 0260

FARM 0263

FARM 0268

FARM 0264

FARM 0271

FARM 0269

FARM 0272

Missy had a goal to hug almost EVERY ANIMAL she encountered at the farm. The first victim was this little goat...

FARM 0273

FARM 0277

FARM 0278

FARM 0289

FARM 0293

One of the highlights of the day were these LITTLE BABY LAMBS that Missy and her Mom got to pick up and cradle for a little while. Missy said that the lamb felt lighter than our cat, Nilla...

FARM 0283

FARM 0285

FARM 0302


FARM 0305

FARM 0307

FARM 0309

FARM 0297

FARM 0316

FARM 0329

FARM 0327

FARM 0330

FARM 0332

FARM 0340

FARM 0343

We came across real life MY LITTLE PONIES hanging out in this SCHOOL HOUSE...

FARM 0364

FARM 0350

FARM 0353

FARM 0357

FARM 0354

FARM 0360

FARM 0363

FARM 0366_1

FARM 0366_2

FARM 0369

FARM 0382

FARM 0374

FARM 0376

FARM 0379


Genevieve Gail said...

Oh my gosh!!! This looks like fun, we might have to check this out... I think Buster might be related to some of these guys...


You guys should definitely go. Highly recommended!