Sunday, May 5, 2013

EYE-C: Tanglewood Farm, Pt.2

FARM 0384

More photos from TANGLEWOOD FARM! We liked the "Old West Boom Town/Ghost Town" theme they had going throughout the farm...

FARM 0396

FARM 0397

FARM 0404

FARM 0438

FARM 0418

Sometimes, I like to ask Missy if she would still love me if I had GOAT EYES:

FARM 0408

We found a little baby BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP and of course, Missy and her mom could not help but pick up it up and hug the hoohah out of it...

FARM 0439

FARM 0409

FARM 0410

FARM 0411

FARM 0414

FARM 0413

FARM 0406

Missy spotted another BABY LAMB and again could not contain her excitement. As she gently petted the sleepy lamb, it wagged it's little curly tail like a dog...

FARM 0425

FARM 0426

FARM 0427

FARM 0429

We learned the origin of the word JACKASS:

FARM 0432

FARM 0435

FARM 0436

There was a BOBTAIL MANX wandering around the farm...unlike the baby lambs, it DID NOT like being held. As soon as Missy set it back down, it bolted and then jumped up through a HOLE IN A DOOR in order to escape. I was able to quickly capture the moment while the cat still had his butt hanging out of the hole...

FARM 0442

FARM 0443

FARM 0444_1

FARM 0444_2

A miniature horse and an even more miniature BABY MINIATURE HORSE:

FARM 0447

On our way out to see BUFFY, the MINIATURE BUFFALO, we stopped in at the TRADING POST to see what was in it. We were told by one of the farmhands that if we called out her name, she would come to the fence and let you pet her for a little bit. They were right! We called and she came to us. Even though she was "miniature", she was still quite large, which really made you think how big normal-sized buffalo were. Getting to pet Buffy was the perfect way to end a perfect day at Tanglewood Farm...

FARM 0265

FARM 0449

FARM 0450

FARM 0451

FARM 0454

FARM 0455

FARM 0461

FARM 0457

FARM 0456

FARM 0459

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