Monday, May 20, 2013

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Cutest picture in the WORLD!!!
Here is the funniest picture of all three of my pets together! I love this photo for so many reasons - look at Oreo and her pose! It makes me laugh so hard! Nilla is there and Jumbles is behind her, hanging out in his pan. They just all look so cute.

Our pets have been great, for the most part. Back in November our bunny, Jumbles, was diagnosed with a parasite. It is a terrible thing that rabbits can get this, but we caught it early and treated this. So we have been to the vet school so many times since November. I also hesitate to write about this, because the buns are doing really really good, but if you notice he is separated from Oreo in this photo. Poor Jum has been on and off medicine since November. In March he had a minor surgery, and his blood test levels were high for the parasite, so he has been on the treatment ever since. He will finally finish May 31! I am counting down the days!

Oreo was sick about two weeks ago, and now she is back to "herself." Rabbits are such different pets than a cat. So different - and we have learned lots since finding Oreo in 2009. I am happy to report she is doing great and is happy and healthy!

And for our cat Nilla, she is totally good and happy and healthy! Go Pets! this is where I sound like a crazy pet lady, but I love my pets so much. It is like Nacho Libre when he says "the children, they are my heart" about the orphans he cares for. I feel the same way - "the pets, they are my heart."

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